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Chase combining accounts

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Chase combining accounts

Has anyone had any luck getting Chase to drop APR on former WaMu/Providian cards? If not, what are the chances they would combine this card with another Chase card with a lower interest rate? 31.99 versus 22.24 is not much improvement but it would be better than nothing. It's one of my DW's higher CL and she doesn't want to close it.
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Re: Chase combining accounts

If account is eligible for CL transfer, Chase will transfer part/whole CL to another account. The rate will be the same as the account to which the transfer is made.


Example: I had Chase Disney and plain Chase card (let's call is Blue). The rate of Disney card was in high 20ies, so I requested to transfer all CL, but minimum needed to keep Disney card active, to Blue card. It's fairly simple process, but you might be asked few standard questions. Make sure to specify if you want to close your other card or keep some balance on it.



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