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Chase freedom Vs Discover IT

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Re: Chase freedom Vs Discover IT

My credit score has recently increased and I've been getting lucky with the shopping cart trick so I applied for the Chase Freedom as well as the Discover it. At first they were both denials so I called the back door numbers. Chase didn't want to approve me, my score didn't meet their requirements. Discover on the other hand said they didnt even have my app on file and to apply over the phone, so I did, and after applying, and then being connected to an analyst and claryfing some questions, (and kissing ass by telling them how great their rewards are), they approved me! Can't wait until the card arrives... Cat Tongue

In My Wallet: Duck Card 10000, Beaver Card 5000, Paypal Smart Connect 1600, Barclay Card 1500, DiscoverIT 1500, Citi Thank You Preferred 1200, Care Credit 1200, Victoria's Secret Store 750, Citi AT&T Savings & Rewards 600, Express 250, Brylane Home 250
FICO Scores: TransUnion 690 (01/14), Experian 686 (11/13) and Equifax 695 (01/14)
Goal: 750+
Want: Citi Dividend, Chase Freedom, Amex Blue Cash Everyday, US Bank Cash +
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Re: Chase freedom Vs Discover IT

Congrats on discover.  


The "shopping cart trick" isn't always free.  Yes, you avoid HPs, but (if you are lucky) get a bunch of low CL new accounts, which impact the AAoA lowering the score,and a lender will see them, even without the inqs, and wonder if you are shopping too hard for credit.   So good that Discover came through

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