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Chase freedom odds with new Chase mortgage?

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Chase freedom odds with new Chase mortgage?

I applied for the Chase Freedom card today.... Got the "analyts reviewing your file" response...


I just closed on my house that is financed by them on 11-15 so not sure if they are reviewing if that would be something they would see (since it has not hit my credit report yet) and if that would help my case?


Scores at the time house closed were (lendor pulled) EQ 667, TU 687, EX 701

Also had about a 20 point jump in FAKOs when I got approved for a Walmart card last week as the available credit limit my reports right away and are reporting a zero balance.....So hard to say what change if any happened with my FICOs.


Have one other credit card with a $6 balance so UTI is low.


No collections.... all late payments were prior to 2005. Last 2 years all current credit is 'paid as agreed". No other balances as everything was paid off before buying the house....


However, I have alot of inquires. About 9.... All but 2 were from the mortgage company because it took a few updates/corrections and a few pulls to get my scores high enough to proceed....


So hoping I dont get declinded for too many inquires....Last credit card I applied for declined me for that very reason.

And, worried that when I put how long lived at current address at only at a month...that may be a red flag.


I am going to call to check the status tomorrow... But super impaitent so figured i would post here while i wait.


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Re: Chase freedom odds with new Chase mortgage?

You have a pretty good chance I think...I recieved a Chase Freedom as my first prime card, do you also bank with Chase?

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Re: Chase freedom odds with new Chase mortgage?

I do not bank with Chase yet but did plan to switch to them since my mortgage is now with them.

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