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Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!


jj10939 wrote:

If you are looking for an alternative card, I would seriously consider Discover.  They do not take AA on your account for carying a balance close to your credit line.  Trust me on that..I carried a balance at my limit for almost two years!  Since paid off btw Smiley Wink


I had Chase, but decided it was one to close.  Of all my cards, I found they were the worst when it came to phone customer service.  Among the best cards in my opinion would be Discover, Citi, and believe it or not Capital One (although you must call backdoor number for everything and ignore the number on the back of your card.)


Good luck with Chase though!

Regarding Discover...definitely YMMV.  I carried about a 90% Util on my $2300 CL Discover for about 7-8 months, a couple days after I paid it completely off...they CLD me to a 500 CL.  I can rarely imagine a CC company being "ok" with too much balance carrying...even though it does work in their favor.


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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

OP, was you card originally issued by Providian or WaMu?

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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

Nope - has been a Chase card since day one.  I'm beyond aggravated with them right now.  I did get an email response yesterday, after I responded asking them to reconsider, they came back and asked for household income and I responded with that and they came back with "sorry but no".  It's coming from some generic email customer service representative, so I'm going to give it one last shot with a letter mailed to a higher level executive and see what happens.  If they say no, oh well. 


Either way I'm paying it off over the next 3 months.

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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

Perhaps Chase sees these things as red flags.  You are still carrying a balance with them yet are asking for a credit limit.  You have a recent late on another account.  You stated, "I made an effort to pay down a bunch of balances this spring..."  Are these other balances paid off or do they still exist?  Some cardholders react with how they're viewing you and your other accounts too, not just theirs.  Chase probably feels they're just acting accordingly for the time being.

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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

I didn't ask for an increase...I was responding to them reducing the CL on an account with over 6 years of PERFECT history.  I made significant payments 2 months in a row to bring the balance under 50% of the limit...then they reduced the CL to 10% above the balance.  All other credit card accounts have $0 balance with one exception that is a store card that I'm using a 0% offer on, and that one is at less than 50% of its limit.  Both recent late payments are being disputed, which I explained to them.  They don't seem to care, which is fine.  I'll just pay the card off and move on.

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Re: Chase is at it AGAIN!!!

i work for a law firm we do credit report repair these credit card companies are doing soft inquiries just about every month of there clients credit reports if they see anything neg even one late payment dosent matter what it is or what account it occured on they are dropping credit lines raising rates or closing account so just one neg thing can have a domino affect on all your credit

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