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Chase is far

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Re: Chase is far

FutureBillionaire wrote:

xiownthisplacex wrote:

You should be able to. Search online, they have some signup bonuses sometimes when opening a new checking account, as much as $200!

I'm in there like swimwear.

Smiley Very Happy Love that ryhme. You should do poetry.

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Re: Chase is far

FutureBillionaire wrote:

I must stay, I'm liking Chase so far.  The customer service has been superb.  I was able to move credit from my Freedom to my Sapphire without the nonsense of a HP like BofA requires.  I love the online banking.  Chase and Amex probably have the best website out of all the companies I have used.  I'm very pleased so far.

Exactly! I did one yesterday from my slate to freedom. Took less than 5 mins. CS is top notch, awesome products.

Def. going to keep doing business with them.


Got my eye on that CSP. Smiley Tongue

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