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Chase just CLOSED both of my cards

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Re: Chase just CLOSED both of my cards

Pj1369 wrote:
This soo mind boggling - I wonder what formula using or how they are chosing which WaMu accounts to close? I wonder if the long-term strategy is to get rid of all former WaMu cards? Hmm....


Nah. Just the ones the lame consultants made them not like.


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Re: Chase just CLOSED both of my cards

interesting.  I don't have balance transfer offer anymore.  I am worried  Thank heaven Cap one is still stable.  Also CCCU.
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Re: Chase just CLOSED both of my cards

I've not had any BT options since Chase took over, my APR went to 29.99% and the cash credit is limited to $700 of my $3500 CL.


But they did PC it to Freedom Plus and the account is still open/active.  I use it heavily every month and PIF.  I have almost $200 in cash rewards soon as I hit $200 I'll take it along with the $50 bonus.



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Re: Chase just CLOSED both of my cards

pattycake wrote:

Cyrion wrote:

Noooo! They got me. They finally got to my account and closed it.


They closed it yesterday, I found out today when I tried to buy something, and like everyone else has said there was no way to tell it was closed, even when I called the number on the back of the card I had to actually talk to a CSR and say "My card is closed correct?" to know it was in fact closed. For that matter I can still log onto my account and still have $2100 in available credit Smiley Very Happy


Oh some info: I got the card in Nov of 08, never carried a balance, always pif, used it at least a couple times a week, never had a balance over about 16% or so of limit showing, and it still had the original 9.99% apr.


When I read all the posts I was thinking it was only for providian cards or people who carried balances or who had interest rate hikes. Looks like it doesn't matter about that stuff.


Oh and interesting thing, I did notice my balance transfer option had disappeared when I checked my account online a day or so before they closed it.

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Was it a WaMu account?  

Sorry, yes it was a Wamu account.

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