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Chase offer?

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Chase offer?

this was in my chase account today, no black star or green check mark, anybody ever seen this where it says see your offer? Is it a legit offer? Also, I am over 5/24, scores 697-702 for all three fico 8s. Only thing I have with chase is savings account. Not interested in the offer just curious as I've never seen it before it was appearing first directly below my savings account in the app.  



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Re: Chase offer?

That doesn't look like an offer, more like a link to info. Marketing if anything.

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Re: Chase offer?

Mine was similar for the offers section but at the top right of each card option it showed "Pre-Approved" in red letters. This one looks like an offer to apply and/or to advertise the different options. I applied for the Sapphire Preferred today but used the link they sent in an email, which directs you to the page you are looking at

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Re: Chase offer?

Those are marketing and will not bypass 5/24.  If you click on them they'll show something like 15.24-26.24% APR range.  Real offers with Chase that bypass 5/24 will have the green checkmark or black star and list a single APR.

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Re: Chase offer?

My Chase portal looks exactly the same with that same wording on the same card as yours. Definitely just marketing like the others said. Just wanted to chime in that I too had the exact same advertisement as you. 

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Re: Chase offer?

Mine looked like that too, until one day when it didn't. Keep checking, and in a few months or maybe less, you'll see the green check mark and "Pre-Approved" on one or more of those

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