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Chase questions.

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Chase questions.

I recently had a nice recon experience with chase freedom.

I would like to hear from others.

Can EVERYONE post a time line of results with them, and has anyone ever been denied after being "recommended" for approval.

Thanks in advance.

My process so far
Apped online- day 1 denied 7/10 day notice
Called for recon same day - turned down first call, second call recommended for approval for 1000$. CSR advised would most likely go all the way through in 2/3 days and Its 98% a sure thing.

This was all on Friday- so I have to wait until
Monday to get the final results.

Please share your experience!! To hopefully ease my waiting pains lol.
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Re: Chase questions.

I think you will be approved Smiley Wink

My process: 

Apped online: 12/8/12 and was instantly approved. 

I called the automated number and found out I had been given a $500 CL. 

Called the number and found out why a small line, etc and found out it was because a few cards didn't update their new Credit Lines. 

I waited a few weeks for them to update my reports with my new lines. 

Submitted CLI Request on 1/7/13 and called the backdoor number the same day. I spoke with a rep and got approved for a $1,000 increase. 

End result: Approved for Chase Freedom and have a $1,500 Credit Limit. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Chase questions.

Thx for the input! Hope you're right about final approval for me! Be nice to get a higher CL like you
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Re: Chase questions.

(for Chase Sapphire)


Apped online - 12/26/12 - proly got something along the lines of needs manual review

-waited out the days - got a letter in the mail with denial (not enough gross annual income to qualify for cc) - letter was dated 12/27 so proly got it 12/28 or 12/29?

Called for recon 1/2 & updated income to include an extra $10K 

Called about status 1/4 - computer failed to generate security questions for me so I had to fax them my driver's license

Got another denial letter from them 1/10 (reason for denial: unverified or missing date of birth; letter dated 1/5)

Called again 1/11 - CSR said they actually approved me on 1/7!


Ultimate result: approved for $5K~

Last app 5/7/2014

No apps until 3/31/2016!
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Re: Chase questions.

Nice- I'm hoping come Monday ill be approved also.

Can't believe more ppl here don't have a recon story with chase
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Re: Chase questions.

I got Chase recon story!


I applied for a Chase Ink Cash for biz and got the we need to further review your application. So of course I called right away and she asked me a few questions about my balances and how much does my biz makes. Then she put me on hold for like 10 minutes I swear. Then she came back and said congratulations Chnceit you have been approved for 8K!!


Chase is great for recons!


Good luck OP!

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Re: Chase questions.

I have never been "recommended" for approval but have had to ask for reconsideration before.


I got the Chase Amazon card about a week or two before I applied for the Chase Freedom.


Applied online - not sure of date, sorry. I received a further review message

Waited for letter (back when I did not know anything of ringing the card companies and thought you had to wait). I was declined for "too many requsts of credit from us", because of the Chase Amazon.

Searched online and saw people had the same problem and they rang in for reconsideration. After a few minutes I was approved.



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Re: Chase questions.

I apped for the Freedom on 12/22 and got 7-10 day message. Called same day and found out I was denied. Asked CSR for recon and was patched into recon (aka loan) dept. Was recommended for approval after recon and that it had to go to another dept for final review. Told to call back after Christmas. Called 12/26 to check status. They said they needed me to fax in a copy of my SS card and proof of address and then said wait a week and call back. Called back 12/31 and they said my paperwork still was in the system but verification dept. closed for holidays. Called back 1/2 and they said paper was in system and that it was sent it to verification dept. and to call back verification dept. Called verification dept. on 1/3 said that card app had to be sent to their manager for review (sweating beads now!) and they asked me more verification questions over the phone and then said to call back in 7 days. Called back on 1/10 and it was still in review by verification dept. but rep said they could process it now. Put me on hold for 10 mins total and APPROVED!!!! Even got credit alert that a new account was opened in my name by JP Morgan Chase.

Limit: $1,000 Can't wait to get my 10,000 bonus points! Smiley Happy
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Re: Chase questions.

Approval is always awesome but I hope I Don't have to wait through all that! LoL
I'm already sitting on needles waiting until tomorrow haha.

From your stories it's looking good, gah I really hope I get it. It'll be a nice foot in the door to prime cards and higher scores. Not to mention the great beni's chase has.
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Re: Chase questions.

I think you may be able to find out via the automated system even before Monday. Sometimes the computers just update the next day or so and get an auto approval after a manual push. If the rep still has to deal with it then you must wait another day or two Smiley Wink

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