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Chase temporary CLI??

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Re: Chase temporary CLI??

I have a 0% introductory APR until 8/2013. After that period is over my APR goes up to 19%.. I think I'll call them in a week or so and ask whats up, thanks for the laugh. 

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Re: Chase temporary CLI??

Completely different but kind of the same...Discover offered me 0% for 12 months last year and temporary cli from 3.5k to 7k if I spent 3000.  I ended up using 1500 and writing a check to myself for the other half so I have a temporary line with them for 7k.  I'm not sure what would happen if the balance was higher than the original limit when the cl drops so I've kept it well below the original 3500.  Also, Oddly enough I called in March for a cli and they bumped it to 4k but the temp line is still 7k. 

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