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Chase update income/CLI email

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

I recall Capital One prompting me from within my account way back when. I've been requesting CLIs regularly for my three cards over the past couple of years, though. Since a CLI request involves updating one's income, there's been no need for a prompt.


I've received the in-account prompt from Chase, but I don't recall if I received an e-mail or not. The prompts didn't result in any auto-CLIs.

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

I received it about a month ago. Updated income from the website(not through the link) nothing happened yet.

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

Interesting.  I can't recall ever getting one of these from Capital One and I've had that account quite a bit longer than my Chase accounts.

I’ve gotten them twice that I can think of. It says something very similar to the Chase email - make sure your income is updated to be considered for credit line increases. 

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

Periodically receive income up date requests from Chase, Barclays, FNBO and Citi. Not once did I receive a credit line increase. Note, as another poster mentioned the financials are suppose to know our income etc on an annual basis (read this somewhere a long while back) as it is part of the not issuing more credit than the borrower can handle (nebulous as to standards - lender choice).

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

I think I get these every year.  I’ve seen them from Marvel, Cap 1, Citi, SyncB Walmart and I forget who else.  I’ve never received a CLI in exchange for updating income. 

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

Right.  It seems the dangling of a potential CLI is a ploy to get more people to update their income.  Makes sense to me.

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

Regulations under the Credit Card act require lenders to ask for this information. Customer compliance is voluntary.
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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

Ask for it yes, 100% true.  Ask for it whie giving hope to achieve a potential CLI would be a lender-specific tactic.

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

I received a routine email from Chase today (image below) asking me to update my income and suggesting that by doing so a CLI could be in store.  I'm sure that's just a fluff incentive to get people to actually update their income, but I figured I'd post about it anyway.  My question to those that have received this email and/or those that have updated their income, are there any examples of a CLI following shortly after?  Also, I'm curious if many of you have received this email recently, perhaps suggesting it's something Chase sends to all cardholders around the same time, or if it goes out periodically based on another factor like length of time since last income update, account anniversary date, etc.



In my experience, there's two mailers that Chase sends out. There's the one you got above, that's, as you put, a general fluff piece. Then there's a mailer where they say you're getting a soft-pull CLI, but how much of one is dictated by the numbers you punch in for income.


For the first mailer (the one you got), I see it about twice a year. Nothing special.


I've never received the second mailer, though my SO has. She's received two, though she only followed through on one and that resulted in an instant $4,000 CLI to one of her cards.

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Re: Chase update income/CLI email

I got the same email a couple nights ago... I think they just send them out periodically, as I got one several months ago.  I did not update my income since it hasn't changed in the 10 months since I got the card, and when it eventually does, it will probably be a whopping 2-3%... not enough for a worthwhile CLI even if I wanted one.


I have auto CLIs turned off on all my cards, so it doesn't matter if I update my income or not anyway.


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