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Chases Internal credit score

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Chases Internal credit score

Some of you might remember that no matter how much, or which card I tried to get AT 5/24 with Chase, they would NOT budge, yes, not even Amazon. Finally got approved for the United Quest which has been the card I've wanted most. 

This week I received the card and welcome kit. On the back it indicated that Chase used an internal scoring mode. I think it goes from 200-900. My score was 891. 

I guess that is 9 points away to what the believe it perfection. Of course they had to give some bologna reason as to why it wasn't perfect. Reason being: too many new accounts in the past 12 months. 

I've only opened one account in the whole year. Yes, one!  Ha. 

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Re: Chases Internal credit score

Chase has a long memories! I believe their internal score is designed to factor in your previous encounters!

My Chase score is 800+ now, but couple of years ago when they declined me for Amzon and I received the FICO score in the rejection letter!


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