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Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

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Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?


I called Chevron last Saturday to see if they would pull a soft or hard inquiry if I asked for a CLI.  The weekend Credit Analyst said it would be a soft pull but 1 point hit on my CR.  What?  That is not possible so I wasted a phone call but did not ask for a CLI.


Since their Analysts do not know, I am sure the FICO Forum group would know. 


Is a CLI request hitting the Luv button on the Chevron gas web home page as Soft or Hard and which CB do you think they hit?



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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

For me here in so cal its always a soft on eq.
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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

Even if they do a hard pull, there is no way that they can predict how much (if any) of a point impact there would be on your reports.

And of course, a soft pull would have no effect at all.

Somewhere, somewhere, there is a CSR who is willing to say, "Gosh, I don't know." Smiley Tongue
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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

For me the Chevron luv button has been neither hard nor soft.  I have not gotten any Luv but I assume they base it off my last AR  pull since I cannot associate NEW pulls with clicking the luv button.  In my case, click Luv button, instant no Luv.  Letter a week later.  No soft or hard pull I can detect on my CR's.


My assessment.  No harm in clicking the button.  Personally, no benefit either, but didn't hurt to try.

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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

The card is a GEMB product so use of the "Luv Button" is likely to be either a soft pull or use internal data. It is also likely to return no CLI a whole lot of the time.
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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

I believe it's internal data only.  The reason I think this is that I've gotten CLI's numerous times on my Texaco/Chevron card (same thing with Sam's Club, which is also GE Money Bank) and I've also been turned down, but each time the decision takes less than 2 seconds.


There's no way they could pull a credit report and analyze it, even in an automated manner, with only 1 or 2 seconds (literally) between Luv-Button-Click and response with answer.


I just got turned down for one, and they send a letter in the mail and it's usually something like, "Not enough experience at current credit level."  My husband got a letter that said four months are needed at the current level before another CLI can be given out.  I think once a letter also said that I had too much usage of my credit limit.


Anyway, the reasons seem to be based on their account data only, and obviously it's all autmoated (it runs through an if-then scenario within about a fraction of a second to have an answer for you, therefore must be internal only.)  I've never seen anything on my credit reports after these, although I don't monitor "soft pull" activities.  I'd definitely notice if there were "hard pulls" and there have been none.

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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?

Most likely the "internal data" includes the result of a prior soft pull. That's the way most issuers do it. You won't see your soft INQ activity unless you pull a full CBR.
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Re: Chevron 1 PT for A "Soft Pull"?



You are right I did it on-line and it took only a nano-second to give me another $200 so fast in fact I wasn't sure the screen changed.


I did not want to waste an inquiry but after reading the lessons learned here, I pulled the trigger.  I am clawing for every FICO point and CLI.


Thanks to all for their input.

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