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Citi AAdavntage Card advice

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Re: Citi AAdavntage Card advice


Walt_K wrote:

I hear you.  Waiting game sucks.  I'm waiting for my utilization to update from 37% to 1%.  BofA statement cuts tomorrow.  And Chase statement cuts day after.  I don't know how long it will then take for them to hit my reports because I've never monitored it that closely before.  But I'll be looking out for my ScoreWatch alert in the next week or so.

Not sure what your payoff was, but my BoA account updates most of the time within 2 days of the statement date.  When I paid off my Chase and Discover in full after carrying a balance, they both updated within a few days of paying them off, even before the statement date.


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Re: Citi AAdavntage Card advice


ttbhg wrote:

I have this card and if you apply make sure you get the 75,000 AA mile bonus offer. That is almost enough for two round trip tickets to Europe and back. My score is in the high 700s and was approved with a 21k limit instantly. There is a long thread on Flyertalk about this card and I can only remember a few people reporting getting denied. I doubt every poster on Flyertalk has above average credit so it seems to be obtainable.

I'm ready to apply.  How do I get the 75k bonus miles?


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Re: Citi AAdavntage Card advice

search for link on flyertalk or just google it.


I saw the link a few days back somewhere on flyertalk.

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Re: Citi AAdavntage Card advice

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