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Citi Advantage AA Visa gold and Discover More Approval!!!!

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Citi Advantage AA Visa gold and Discover More Approval!!!!

Hi everyone-


I have been lurking around the forums for a little over a year now, posting here and there. I have learned a lot from everyone here.


I spent a good amount of 2011 gardening b/c I was inquiry heavy towards the end of 2010 due to car shopping. Yikes! Gardening has started to pay off. I decided I waited long enough and I took a chance and applied for Citi Advantaged and to my disbelief I was approved with a $5,000.00 limit.


Feeling good about myself I decided to try the pre-approval link on Discover, no dice. Something just came over me to just take a chance and apply for their "recommended" discover more. BOOM, Approved $1,000.00 Now I am back to gardening mode. I really needed more prime cards to go with my AMEX zync which has done wonders for me.


I just want to say that for all those who are rebuilding or establishing be patient your time will come! My scores in my siggy aren't up to date, but I'm sure they are a little higher. I'll be getting update score in the next month after I pay off bills.  My total utilization was 8%.


For those, who have experience with Citi Advantage is this a good card to keep? AF $50, but first year is free. I might be interested in PC before the fee hits next Sept. Are there restrictions with Citi and PC?


Any tips for Discover more? I might use this heavily for the next 6 months -12 year and hopefully they'll be generous with their CLI.

Starting Score: 620 FAKO
Current Score: FICO TU 715 (wal-mart) FICO EQ 692
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Citi Advantage AA Visa gold and Discover More Approval!!!!

Congrats on the approvals.


I hope you used the American Airlines promotional link for the 75,000 free signup bonus miles, if not it's still a great card.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday $6600
Barclays US Airways Premier World Mastercard $14500
Chase Sapphire Preferred $5000
Chase Freedom Visa $1000
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Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Visa Signature $7500
Citi ThankYou Premier World Mastercard $7500
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