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Citi BT and CLI offer

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Citi BT and CLI offer


Well, CITI is still offering some people CLIs...


Conversation with my wife just now:


Me: "This is addressed to you, dunno what it is but the only folks in South Dakota who send us mail are credit card companies [see this]"


Her: "It's a balance transfer offer from Citibank [she and I both have individual Citi cards], and it comes with a $2300 increase in my credit limit.  I have no balance to transfer, but it says I can also deposit it in my checking account.  Should I do it to get the credit increase, then next month pay the balance in full?"


Me: "What's your limit on that card now?"


Her: "$15K."


Me: "Not worth it, $15K is plenty."


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Re: Citi BT and CLI offer

you could probably call and get the increase without the BT or go online and hit luv button
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Re: Citi BT and CLI offer

I have been trying to see if there is something out there that I could do a balance transfer but I don't know if I could be approved due to my credit scores.  EQ -668; TU 678 EXP 640 2/09.   Now I have EQ 645, TU 692 and EXP 675 according to Experian site.  I have approximately 5000 in credit card debt and would like to see if I could do a balance transfer for a good interest rate and get this taken care of.  I don't know who would give me this.  Would appreciate any information you coould send me.

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Re: Citi BT and CLI offer

Hi there...

  Which of the above scores are real FICO scores and which ones came from the EX site (FAKOS)? Also what kind and age of baddies and how many inquiries on different reports? Approval for CC isn't based solely on scores. might want to start a new thread here asking your may be read by more people with an answer for you that way.






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