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Citi Bank Breaking Down

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

No issues for me today. Used regular website earlier today and used their app a few minutes ago. Haven't swiped my DC card today, though.
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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

@donny10 wrote:
People on their Facebook page complaining their cards are being declined eveywhere and people are in an uproar.

Citi is telling everyone they are having technical issues.

I also read a ton of complaints from irate customers along with MANY BUSINESS CUSTOMERS who are going thru the roof!!! over the Costco ordeal.


And that was just yesterday


Obviously there's a part of Citi that certainly didn't anticipate all this VOLUME (0UCH)

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

I foresee a lot of acts being closed by consumers soon. A lot of it is also related to the whole Citi/Coscto fiasco as well. Citi twitter/FB and Coscto FB etc are blown up with complaints. Citi isn't looking good at all right!!

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

Maybe the Brexit effect ...

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

@Mia25 wrote:

Maybe the Brexit effect ...

I've worked in financial institutions most of my adult life (banking and brokerage) and I have been through several conversions  --  it's always a rough go.  Back in 2000, my broker-dealer made a major change in its business model which meant splitting away from its primary back-office clearing partner.  We practiced senarios for months and months....really spent a couple of years prepariing for the conversion. On the date of conversion, some things went right; others didn't. In some departments, we spent the better part of a year straightening things out. I've decided to just step away from  Cti for a fewe days and give them a chance to sort it out.

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

Ironically, for a short while today Citi offered the Costco NOWHERE Visa. Smiley LOL

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

My account page is back working for both personal and business.

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

Both Citibank and Discover have been doing security upgrades and that may account for the issues.


YNAB is the source of this information. They sent an email to users saying that because of the security upgrades YNAB may not be able to download transactions from Citibank or Discover temporarily.

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

I can log on to all my Citi cards again now.


Wasn't that big an ordeal or issue with a few hours downtime here.


Now as for some Costco peeps i wouldn't want to get in their way right now Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Citi Bank Breaking Down

You know there is always going to be problems when there is a conversion to a different payment system. Things happen.......if this is the worst problem that we ever encounter, we are doing pretty darn good! Costco is not going to lose enough people to matter...they might be mad and not shop for awhile, but they will be back. Just take a step back, breathe and wait a week or will be all better. And worst comes to worst....use a different visa card, or use debit or even cash.

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