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Citi Bank Website

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Re: Citi Bank Website

@wasCB14 wrote:

@happypill wrote:

Yes, Citi's website has always been pretty poor over the years.  My biggest gripe is that I need to log in separately for my AA card and Hhonors card because they are part of different programs; and I have an old CitiBusiness card as well that's yet a different log-in.  Every other lender I use allows you to just log in once to see all my accounts.


I like Capital One and Barclay's websites.  Both are clear and easy to understand, points post immediately and it's easy to redeem.  I don't actually use the cards from either company much any more, but their website design is solid.

You should be able to merge the AA and HHonors logins. I'm not sure about the business one. I can see Prestige, the closed AA, and Costco all in one login. They all have separate programs.


Has there been any news about whether Citi HH accounts will be sold to Amex or PCed?

I specifically asked them via chat and they told me it wasn't possible to have the AA and Hhonors on the same page.  I believe AA is considered a core card so it will be on the same page as Prestige, DC, etc., but Hhonors is separate.


Haven't heard anything about what will happen to the Hhonors card.  Would be interested to know as well.

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