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Citi Business CLD

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Re: Citi Business CLD



I'd like to get in touch with you regarding what steps you took to restore your CL.  I'm encountering a similar issue with Capital One right now and getting A LOT of run-around from their call center.  Thus far, I've called four times to investigate and contest their "business decision."  I've layed out logical, well-reasoned, points about why their reasons for decision are flawed.  Each time, except the last (where a Account Manager directly said "Capital One will not reverse this decision no matter what you say") the AMs have agreed that my credit bureau rating and history with Capital One place me as a member in good standing and a CLD is not in my best interest financially.  Still, no reversal of the CLD.


I understand that the CLDs are a way to reduce the liability on part of the credit lenders, but at the same time don't feel they have taken the appropriate time to assess my account to make a proper decision.  Also, I read online that credit companies are legally within their rights to do CLDs.  Without proportionately decreasing a cardholder's revolving debt, I wonder if the substantial and real harm subsequently caused to a person's credit rating warrants a lawsuit.


Please let me know how I can get in contact with you.  Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!



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