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Citi CC No Longer Showing on CRs

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Citi CC No Longer Showing on CRs

So I have two accounts with Citi both from 2004 and still open in good standing. I noticed however, that one account no longer shows on ANY of my credit reports. Its quite strange, I use the USAA credit monitoring and have pulled the reports many of times, only to notice that this one citi account has been missing for about 6 months now. Long story short I called Citi and they stated I need to pull (on my own) each credit report and then send them a letter indicating the account is no longer there, in order to get them to look into it. Has this happened to anyone else out there? I'm inclined not to do anything... as I guess this would be considered a "hidden" TL if I played my cards right. Besides, I don't carry any balances on any of my cards... its just a very odd situation.

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Re: Citi CC No Longer Showing on CRs

Have you tried pulling your reports directly from the CRAs? If you do and they're still not reporting, then notify CITI.

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