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Citi CC Time Limit Question

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Citi CC Time Limit Question

My friend just got a Citibank Exxon/Mobile gas card, he wants to try for the Home Depot Card, or even a regular Citi master card, does anyone with Citibank experience know if you can open more than one Citi branded card in a short length of time?


(I have heard rumors that HSBC does not let you open a second card until the first card is open at least six months, and that Chase does the same.)




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Re: Citi CC Time Limit Question

in 07 approved for citibank platinum select in june and macy's in july, not sure if that counts...
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Re: Citi CC Time Limit Question

Invited, and opened two accounts in Sept. 08. on the same application by phone. (both opening balances were larger than my original account)


Third account just CLIed last night.


I find them generous and predictable.


Good luck,


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Re: Citi CC Time Limit Question

In 2002 I opened 2 Citi accounts within a month of eachother.  Due to their current financial troubles I don't know if they've changed their policy.
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