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Citi CLI Link

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Citi CLI Link

I noticed that Citi has a link on their website for CLI. Upon clicking on it I received following statement:


"We regretthat we cannot approve your request for a Credit Line Increase at this time.Your request was processed by the credit record we have on file, as well as acredit scoring system, which assigns a numerical value to various items on yourcredit card account(s). Your credit score did not meet our requirements,because:


One or more of your accounts with us has insufficientactivity."


Have anyone else experienced similar problem?


I have two Citi accounts. One of them is my main account and I charge over 10 transactions each month. The other had a balance for a while and was paid off slowly, but recently had several large purchases. I did use that account quite a bit about a year ago.


Perhaps another reason might be that my main account doesn't report balance/credit limit to any of CRA. Any thoughts? 


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