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Citi Cards Maximum Exposure?

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Re: Citi Cards Maximum Exposure?

@Obscure-Expert wrote:

Max exposure is based on your income and ability to pay.

In general most lenders top out at 50%.

That sounds reasonable.

I wondered where my total credit limits with Chase were derived from after I recently hit a ceiling with them after five new cards.

I just did a new calculation and seem to have hit their magic formula:


Reported income/2 (minus) annual debt payments


(in my case, basically a monthly mortgage and a car payment, plus a little monthly cc payments @ 1% or less)

So 50% of income is a good starting point, but debt load may be taken into account also. 

Total Length of Credit > 35 years; AoOA (Currently open accounts) > 27 years
AAoA > 7 years; AoYA less than 1 year (Aug 2020)
Credit Limits: Total > $573K. Average > $28K. Utilization 1%.
Total Inquiries (TU:3 ~ EQ:4 ~ EX:7); Scorable Inquiries (TU:1 ~ EQ:2 ~ EX:4)
New Accounts: 1/6 months; 4/12 months; 11/24 months (as of 01/11/21)
* Hover cursor over each card to see name & CL, or press & hold on mobile app.
** Gardening since 08/15/20. Garden Goal ACHIEVED!!: Gold Spade on 02/15/21
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