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Citi CashReturns Mastercard

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Re: Citi CashReturns Mastercard

Suit yourself. I've always been treated well by BofA, inlcuding  requested CLIs without any hard pulls. I have my checking and a local safe deposit box with them. At 2%, Schwab offers a great card.......

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Re: Citi CashReturns Mastercard

i guess everyone is far Citi is doing great according from my experience..Great customers service better than any OTHERS banks..seriously
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Re: Citi CashReturns Mastercard

I need yall opinion. I was approved for this Citi CashReturns card with $1,600 CL and 20.99 APR. Should I close this card or keep it?

The card is being mailed home and I hate the APR so badly that makes me dont want to use the card but keep it for more available credit and credit line increase later..What do you think?

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Re: Citi CashReturns Mastercard

I think that if the card can help you with overall util and the potential for future growth, it's not worth feeling insulted by the APR. It's just a number. It won't affect you if you don't carry balances, and except for those folks who are stuck with balances now from earlier emergencies or credit over-use, I can't fathom why anyone would start to carry a balance these days. I don't put anything on a CC that I can't pay off with the next paycheck.

It's looking like all cards are going to have big APR's. In fact, you might be bragging about that 20.99% in another six months or so. Smiley Wink
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Re: Citi CashReturns Mastercard

Hi Haulingthescoreup:


Yeah I feel the same, I should keep it for more available credit and for future credit increases. I sure dont and won't ever carry any balances. This is the highest APR cards in my wallet beside my Walmart Store card with $400 CL.


It looks like regardless if you have very good or excellent credit, the APR would still be over 16-20% nowadays. I have excellent credit on my Equifax  CR (just mostly inquiries) and I felt so disappointed for having this 20.99% APR..




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