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Citi Cli questions

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Re: Citi Cli questions

remarc wrote:
I work for apple. I'm a technician. Although u do it in store. Back of house. U can still apply for the Barclay card. However the benefits of apple barclay card are not that great. 6 & 12 months 0% APR. u can find better deals.

unless there was some discounts it wouldn't make sense since bestbuy can do it for 18months 0% financing

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Re: Citi Cli questions

Citi used to be great to me with CLI until about 2009. My highest CL is with citi at over 20k. They used to give me auto CLI until 2009 when they raised my APR to 29.99 and held it there ever since along with the unchanged limit in three years.

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