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Citi Credit card denial

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Re: Citi Credit card denial

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Fico is only a general picture of our credit worthiness, when you are already a customer of any decent institution they have many other factors that they take in account.  They also do not have to even really care what our fico says.  This is part of the reason why CUs are so popular with credit rebuilders.  The smaller the CU the more direct contact you have with people and the more personal service you will get.  A CU is able to take more in account than just random numbers on an app and your fico score.  The more internal history you have with any organization the less of a factor that a fico score has on the decision.

Starting Score: 600ish in 2007
Highest Score to date: EQ 716 May 2012(lender pull)
Current Score: EQ 685 6-21-12 ; Walmart TU Fico 744 6-05-12
Goal Score: 801
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