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Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

Not sure if thats out of date or what...


But I've had the card since last August...and I only have Citi Easy Deals. The actual Citi Website has no mention of the ThankYou points structure for the DP. The excerpt above was pulled from credit card forum.


Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'd like to know. But AFAIK it's only Citi easy deals.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

I also only show easy deals...which is a rather pitiful excuse of a rewards system.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

Pretty 'worthless' but I'm considering it for next year. I'm not eligible for any of those military affiliated credit union cards with low interest rates. I need a no-AF, low interest card to stash away for emergencies. After the 0% period is up, not gonna be carrying a balance on my rewards cards. 5K 11.99% would be awesome...  My portfolio isn't strong enough to receive such terms. 


Plus, it's a pretty card... 

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

I must've clicked on the wrong google link because I meant to click the Citi one.  I thought it was strange because mine didn't have that when I got it but that was a while ago so I thought it maybe changed. 

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

I receive the pre-approved letter for DMP last november as well. However its 0% Apr only for 12 months, so i discarded the letter and applied in branch, got 6k limit and 18 months 0 % Apr. I just got 2k increase on Feb 2 when i requested limit increase online.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred... What's it Worth?

Im not much into "points/perks" but like the above poster, I got $6500 with 0% for 18 months - nothing not to like from my standpoint Smiley Wink


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