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Citi Diamond Preferred

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

Had a 699 EXP score in July with a 9% util ratio. Could't squeeze an extra point anywhere...  I also just took the 0% cash option

    NPSL              $25k            $25k              $23k              $22k               $16k              $12k              $10k            $6.5k
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I have 3 cards from citi, the platinum with 5k started out 1 k in December and got 4k more in cli in june. By July I app for simplicity with 3k limit with 658 fico score thru eq. Just last week I app for cities diamond with 1k limit with 640 fico thru eq.
Starting Score: 638 fico eq 7/11
Current Score: 648 fico eq 8/12, 686 fico tu 8/12. 1/13 TU 661
2013 Score: EX 654, EQ 610, TU 625
Goal Score: 740 1/14
In my Wallet: Discover more 4k,Citi plat 5k,Citi simplicity 3k,Citi diamond 1k,Cap1 cash 750/2500,Cap1 plat 750/2500,Kanes Furn, Walmart 900/2200, Macys 600.
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I got mine 3/2012.  8300 CL.  FICO was 757

About 400k in Credit Lines
CSP 29.9k, Citi DP 42.5k, Chase Marriott 12k, Chase IHG 6.5k, Sams MC 20k, Amex Hilton Surpass 356k, Hawaii Air 26k, Discover More 50k, Chase SWA 3.5k, WF PLOC 30k, B of A Visa 43.8k, Wells Plat Visa 8.3k, RC Willey 5k, Pen Fed Visa 43.7k, Pen Fed PLOC 25k, Lowes 25k, CSR 28.8k
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I was approved for this card with 680 fico score.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

brcamacho wrote:

Right now I'm sitting at a 654 TU score with just under 4 years of History 10% Utilization.

Did you app???  

TU 802 EQ 806
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I got approved towards the end of August. 723 EQ and $6800 CL.

Current Scores: EQ 775 (03/04/2014), EX 756 (03/01/2014), TU 760 (03/01/2014)
Ruby Spade Garden Club Member - Last App: 03/04/2013 - No apps until 2014
Cards: Cap1 Venture 6.4k, Cap1 Quicksilver MC 1.75k, BankAmericard 1-2-3 Visa Signature - UCF Alumni Association 5k, Discover 7k, Citi Diamond Preferred MC 10.35k, Wells Fargo Rewards Visa 7k, Chase Freedom 5k, Chase Ink 7.5k, Amex Green NPSL, Dillard's Amex 7.5k, JC Penney 7.5k, Kay Jeweler's 5.1k
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

Ahh I want this card sooooo bad too!! Lol
Marriott PR$25k | BCE $24.5K |BankAmericard Visa $25k| BOA Better Bal $17.5k |Wmt Discover $12.5k | BR Visa $17.5k | Amex Delta Gold $10k | Discover IT $10k | Paypal Extras MC $15k | Amazon Store $10k|Smile Gen $7.25k | Dillard's $10k | West Elm $4k| Express $3.05K | Visa $4.5k | Freedom Visa $1k| Amex Surpass $1k
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I received a pre-approved offer in the mail from Citi in September.  Applied for the Diamond Preferred and was instantly approved for $2k. My FICO was somewhere around 670, maybe a little less.  I had just app'd for Discover More and GE store cards at the time and were approved for all of them as well.  I'm not sure how many inquiries I had on my report at the time, but there were at least a few. 

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred

I just got an offer in the mail, I currently have a 650 with EX, with 38% utilization. I have till Feb 2013 to submit according to the preapproval letter. I'm going to wait till I pay down on my balances and make utilization 0% plus I have 4-5 queries that are dropping off in about 2 weeks.


According to my report Citi ran my credit back in August 2012 when i had 658EX.

(12\11\2012) EQ 708 FICO TU 690 FICO EX 660 FAKO

Never forget what it felt like to be F'd up and you'll always be on top.
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