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Citi Doesnt report CL to CB's

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Citi Doesnt report CL to CB's

I am in the process of rebuilding my Credit.My FICO's are 651- TU and 640-EQ and "Plus Score"  of 668 on EX.

I applied online for Citi Advantage Master card and they approved me instantly with a limit of $7k.Its been 3 months now and when I looked at my TU and EQ CR's it doesnt show the CL for this card.


When I called citi, they told me it doesnt have a preset spending limit and hence doesnt show up on my Credit reports.


My scores have not increased becuase of this, eventhough my overall util is jus under 5%. 


Can anyone advice me will this card help me in the long run to boost my scores or should I cancel it? I applied it in the first place because I need American Airlines miles...

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Re: Citi Doesnt report CL to CB's

congrats..on your card.Smiley Wink My opinion is that their is nothing you can do about this.The card will report a HIGH CREDIT so just pay your bills timely and over time this should help you.



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