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Citi Double Cash Update

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Re: Citi Double Cash Update

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I hope you get the SL increase ­čśÇ

After going through a whirlwind due to them trying to reach me over the weekend and not being able too I finally got a call from a lady today and she increased my limit to 10K said she could not go any further due to my account being so new and to wait 6 months and I can request a higher amount.

Hey @Harvey26 , would you happen to still have that number you called to make the request (and who should I ask for)? Is it just the basic customer service number? I was just approved and was looking to get a little bit higher SL. Also, how long after the initial approval did you call them? When I applied, they called me to verify my identity, and after they did, they told me that I was approved. I asked that same person if I could possibly get a higher limit, and they said that I had to wait to get my card and then make the request on the site. This doesn't seem to be what you did. 

@ChefCurry I just did the request online and they did the HP but due to my fraud alert they had to call me. But if you dont have that then it took about 1-2 bus days for them to process it and increase the limit. But they will only increase by 5K per the lady i spoke with. No matter credit score or income. Now i presume if you were like a Citi Wealth Management customer there maybe a work around but as for regular card holder only an additonal 5K.

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