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Citi Forward 5x Points Update

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Citi Forward 5x Points Update

Hey all,


There has been significant discussion over the last month about the Citi Forward card.  I can't speak to what is happening with new applications, but as a legacy cardholder (Applied two months ago today), I can confirm that I am still receiving 5x points on Bookstores, Amazon, and Restaurants.  My most recent statement cut yesterday and I earned my $100 signup bonus along with tons of Thank You points from purchase.  I redeemed them for a student loan credit at a 1:1 ratio (12,500 points for $125).  This is the second statement with successful posting of 5x points.


Also - there was talk about what is stated in the Citi website's "Benefit Builder" section for existing cardholders.  The following is what it says in my Benefits Builder summary.  Note that I continue to receive 4 extra bonus points in my "popular categories" but the Benefits Builder isn't specific to that feature.  In my experience, calling CSR will get all account-specific questions answered on this card.  On the other hand, the CSRs have been clueless about new applications and the card's future.


  • Up to 2% purchase APR reduction when you make a purchase, pay on time and stay under the credit limit 3 billing months in a row (0.25% per quarter, up to 8x max)
  • Earn at least 1 ThankYou® Point for every $1 you spend on purchases including in popular categories like restaurants and entertainment
  • Earn up to 1,200 bonus ThankYou® Points for paying on time and staying under your credit limit
  • You can redeem ThankYou Points for almost anything from gift cards, electronics, and travel to student loan rebates and statement credits; with rewards starting at 1,000 points

Hope this helps!

In My Wallet: Amex BCP (12/12) $50,000, Chase Freedom (12/12) $16,500, Cap1 Quicksilver (6/12) $14,000, Barclaycard Rewards (5/13) $10,500, Citi Prestige (4/16) $30,000

Last App: June 27, 2015
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Re: Citi Forward 5x Points Update

+1. I've had this card for a year and have always received 5 points/dollar in bonus categories,100 points/month for paying on time, and an APR reduction each quarter. I was also upgraded to Visa Signature around the same time they pulled the non-student version from their website.


EDIT: My Benefit Builder says the same thing as the OP - "earn at least 1 point for every $1 you spend"

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