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Citi Forward Card

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Citi Forward Card



Does anybody have this card?  Just wondering what the criteria are for being approved for this card.  It seems like a decent rewards program that doesn't require "stellar" credit.  My oldest account is from 2005 with no late payments ever, but high utilization (60%).  I also heard they require a lot of documentation for approval - 4506T, W2?  Does anybody know if that's true?


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Citi Forward Card

You are more likely to get a CapOne reward card if credit is not stellar and you have high utilization.


Here is a link to the CapOne "Average Credit" requirements reward (cash back) card.  They have travel or points cards too.


However, this card is one of the "never" grow CLI cards.  The max possible CL is $3k, but it is rare to get such a CL on this card.  More likely to max at $1 - $1.5k.


Just depends on how soon you think you need a reward card for your current everyday expenditures.

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Re: Citi Forward Card

I'm not sure what the specific criteria are for this card, but in general, Citi will deny for any major derog on your CRs, be it paid, unpaid, charge off, or collection.


I would definitely recommend trying to get your util under 50% before apping. 

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