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Citi Forward Student PC

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Re: Citi Forward Student PC

longtimelurker wrote:

FinStar wrote:

Dubious wrote:

CredittotheMax wrote:

I think i might be still getting the 5x. I just did a test purchase on amazon to see if I am still getting the 5x points. But, what i was saying is that i dont want a card that reported as a student card on my credit report when I'm like 40.

Student cards are not reported as "student card" on credit reports. Actually, credit reports don't say what specific card product you have, it only has the bank name and account number. 



Only certain products have a reporting sub-category on CRAs, such as some secured cards.  But, as far the "student" designation, that is more of an internal product coding on their system.

And even if it did report, I would guess the benefits outweigh any perceived impact that would have.    But as it idoesn't report that way, doesn't matter!

Exactly.  It wouldn't matter IMO how it reported as long as the benefit / rewards structure was intact (considering other products get nerfed left and right); it would make no difference to me.

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