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Citi Forward Student Question

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Citi Forward Student Question

Hello All,


I have a few questions about the Citi Forward Student. I recently changed banks from BofA to Citi. I transferred my checking and savings from BofA and Citi and will be terminating my relationship with them. I had a BofA student CC and with 4 years of perfect payment history, the decided to charge me an AF of $59.00 so I paid of the balance and closed the CC and now the banking relationship.


My question is: I apped for the Citi Forward Student and it has been pending for a month now - they have pulled my bureau twice now and they just me a 4506T to request my tax records. I put in the app that I am supported with my dbf and brother and they make a combined of $150K and I dont make any money (full time grad student and waiting for my residency app to go through before I can work).


Question is - should I go through the trouble to send the 4506T back? Will it help? They might hard pull again and especially if they HP and then deny because by tax returns do not substantiate the income I put in? (even though they know its from my dbf and brother who I live with)?



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Re: Citi Forward Student Question


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Re: Citi Forward Student Question

Though I don't know much about the Citi Forward card specifically, I doubt that Citi would approve you solely based on the fact that you are supported financially by others, so I wouldn't think sending in your tax return would do much good.  However, if one of your supporters were to apply as a joint user on the account, then their income would factor into Citi's decision to issue you the card or not.  From Citi's perspective, they want legal recourse to be able to go after your dbf/brother in the event that your account becomes past due, and they can't get this without one of them applying as a joint holder.

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