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Citi HP for CLI and other advice


Citi HP for CLI and other advice

I have been slowly going on a mini spree. I never knew much about asking for CLI's until I joined the forum. Anyway, I received the 3X CLI from Amex and, yesterday I called Citi for a CLI but it was a HP (went from 11K to 16K) on EQ. The lady sounded like she knew what she was talking about and said it was always a HP as I am really asking for more credit. I also called Cap One and they transitioned me from my disliked Cap One Platinum (originally Orchard Bank) with NO rewards or anything to the VentureOne Rewards (SP). I told them I really wanted the Venture Rewards because of the 2 miles/dollar but they said they only had one upgrade available and without the 20,000 bonus, of course, because it technically is not a new account. I guess I should be grateful, but I feel dealing with Cap One is always like pulling teeth. The only new card I have is the Barclaycard World Arrival which I really like.


So I have one new card and 2 CLI's. Since I have admittedly never joined the Garden ( which I will be in soon) do you think I should app for just one more card or leave it where it is. I really just want one more card solely for a balance transfer or am I going too far? I want to transfer a balance from my Amex Gold Delta card which I have the highest APR and don't really like the card now anyway. I don't know how the Garden views CLI's accounts.


I have no baddies, no late payments, 2 new HP's, 1 HP that is 1 year, 2 months old, and 2 will drop off this month as they are 2 years old.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Barclay Arrival World MC 10K, Citi AAdvantage 16K, Chase Sapphire Preferred 15K, AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles 16K, Venture One 5K, Discover Direct Rewards (Cap 1) $300, Discover Direct Rewards (Cap 1) $500

Scores: EX 764 EQ 750 TU 809 MyFico 739 Last App 11/13
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Re: Citi HP for CLI and other advice

My vote is go for the card but wait for the 2 hps to drop off even though you should be golden either way. See you in the garden. Congrats on your credit journey!

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CareCredit 5k / Husq $5k / Cap1 QS $4.5k / Barclay Ring $5.35k / Citi DC (WMC) $10k
Gardening Date 7/01/16 / MyFico 08: EQ 801 / TU 777 / EX 771 / 06/08/17
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