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Citi Hates Me.. Amex and Discover love me

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Citi Hates Me.. Amex and Discover love me

So after getting denied for Citi Dividend and Sears I thought what the hell I'll give Discover It a whirl and got 2000 limit.

Then I figured I'm not apping anymore so I might as well go for broke. I was considering the green card but figured dude just try for the Gold Delta and if you don't get it who cares?

So I did.

After a 30 minute phone call with Subhash telling me he has to validate my address by calling a phone number associated with my address and my wife and I having to go back and forth as she wasn't here... I was approved.

1000 limit to start. Ho hum what a crappy limit but it's a start. My only fear is that some outdated collection drops on my report and causes Amex to close it in 3 months. But oh well I'll worry about that when and if it happens.

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Re: Citi Hates Me.. Amex and Discover love me

Also important to note I got approved for Discover with a whopping 9 iniquiries and Amex with 10 in the past 5 months. I'm not sure why they'd approve me with such a short and risky profile but they did.

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