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Citi No-Nos/Recon # Home Depot?

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Citi No-Nos/Recon # Home Depot?

Hi there!


Ok, I apologize if this is redundant.  I searched and searched and probably just wasn't using the right key phrases.  I am sorry,in advance.


I pulled my EQ again, to see if I missed something prior to apping Home Depot. I know I am obsessing over this,but honestly,I keep seeing that others with lower scores have gotten this card.  My util is low, my two collections are all old and due to expire, and the inquiries are all mortgage related. 


The good news is that my new mortgage reported, and raised my EQ score.  My TU is the same-unchanged.  Experian I have no idea about.


Today,my EQ is 662.  I know they pulled EQ because it is the only report that shows Citi as a hard pull.


Please help--are there specific baddies that Citi won't budge on? Does anyone have a recon for HomeDepot specifically?


Thank you very much.  



WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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Re: Citi No-Nos/Recon # Home Depot?

How long did it take for your mortgage to hit your credit reports? I close tomorrow and I'm just curious...
07/28/2008: EQ: 588, TU: 586, EX: 583
08/21/2008: EQ: 654, TU: 664, EX: 652
02/10/2009: EQ: 687, TU: ?, EX: 780
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Re: Citi No-Nos/Recon # Home Depot?

Citi: 800-950-5114 (Account Specialist)

maybe if they can't underwrite the HD they can give you a correct number too. 

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