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Citi PC questions


Citi PC questions

I  tried searching about how Citi does PC but haven't found too much, but this seemed interesting:


"Citi will report a new tradeline but report it as opened on the original date of the tradeline it's replacing. It takes 45 days."


So if I PC from a Diamond Select (I think that's what it's called) to a Dividends card it will definitely become a new tradeline on my CR?  I guess it's better that it will get the same start date as the tradeline it would be replacing, but since my account is only a year old that might not be a good idea to PC it since my AAoA will take a little bit of a hit.


Also, does anyone know how long (per the Credit Card Act) you have to wait for Citi (or any company) to do a PC (not Visa>MC type PCs)?  I think Citi told me 11 months or something but I can't recall for sure. 

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Re: Citi PC questions

I called and inquired about upgrading my Hilton Visa Gold to Reserve and was advised I had to wait at least 3 months.

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Re: Citi PC questions



Anyone else with any info s/he can share?  Basically, does Citi open a new tradeline if you PC a card (for example, from a Diamond Preferred to a Dividends card)?  And, how long do you have to wait to PC a card (based on the Credit Card Act)?



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Re: Citi PC questions

I recently PC my 5 year old Citi AAdvantage Amex to the HHonors Reserve Visa. I got the new card within 10 days of requesting the change.

While also a new account number, the tradeline was just switched to the new number and original opening date with positive history. No new TL, hit on AAoA or inquiry in my case.

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Re: Citi PC questions

Awesome, thanks for the info.  Good to know that a Citibank card PC without a new TL is possible, hopefully it can happen to me also because the Diamond Preferred card is just lame. Smiley Tongue

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