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Citi Platinum CLI Denied...any suggestions

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Citi Platinum CLI Denied...any suggestions

I was denied a CLI for the following reason: “balances, as shown on your credit bureau report, are too high when compared to your income.”


About a week before requesting this CLI, I paid my credit card balances down to $6k. My income is $32k and my credit limits total $28k. Once I was denied I realized that the payments that I made toward my cc balances were not reflecting on my cr yet (duh). So I called customer service, spoke with a supervisor and she said the only thing that she could do is submit another request for an increase but she couldn't say if it would be a hp or a sp.


I've already drafted a recon letter but I'm wondering if I should just let it go. I feel like if I do a recon for the reason that I mentioned above that they will just pull my recent cr to see that the balances on my accounts have been reduced and IF they do that, then I might as well wait until my cr is updated and apply for another increase myself.


My Citi Platinum card has a $0 balance and I was requesting an increase from $1,200 to $3,500. I also have another Citi cc that has a $0 balance and a $3,200 cl.


Any suggestions? Smiley Sad

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Re: Citi Platinum CLI Denied...any suggestions

Wait till your reports update then request a CLI again. 

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Re: Citi Platinum CLI Denied...any suggestions

Keep in mind that Citi Customer iniatited CLI's are al;ways a hard pull so think twice before you ask again after the pay downs hit your report. Asking for triple with your income is a gamble as well

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