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Citi Premier Old & New Questions

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Citi Premier Old & New Questions

Hi I have Citi Premier more than 2 years ago. Then I applied for another premier and verified that I'll earn 60k points after 4k spend. My goal is to downgrade my old Premier to Rewards+, can I do that now or should I wait until I earn the 60k bonus points on my new Premier card to be safe? I don't see the issue here but again I want to be sure I am not missing anything here. 


Also, is it possible to transfer my old premier points to new premier points?

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Re: Citi Premier Old & New Questions

Since you are eligible for the current TYP SUB, you can downgrade the older TYP card to Rewards+ if you wish to do so.


As far as TY points are concerned, you have the option to combine both TY accounts online.  There's a menu option in the TY portal or you can call the TY c/s # if you prefer.

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