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Citi Professional Card - Protections & Conversion

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Citi Professional Card - Protections & Conversion

I'm thinking about applying for a Citi Professional Card tomorrow, and I have a couple of questions. First of all, does anyone know what this language from the T&C's means:
"Citi Professional Card is considered a business purpose credit card and not a consumer credit card. Please note that certain consumer rights do not apply to this account."
I called the the application phone number on the Citibank web page to ask about this, and they refered me to another number for business applications (888.382.7759). The person who I spoke with there said that language did not appear in her terms and the card could be used for personal use. But I am still a little concerned.

Also, I would like the Citi Professional Cash Card, but I see that the Citi Professional Card with ThankYou Network comes with 10,000 free points. I see that someone else was talking about signing up for the ThankYou card and switching to the Cash card in a couple of months. Does anyone know if this is possible? I just called the Citi customer service and the person who answered said it could be done, but has anyone confirmed this?
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Re: Citi Professional Card - Protections & Conversion

Your experience has been exactly the same as mine regarding this card.  I'm also interested in this card, but can't get a straight answer about the lack of consumer protections from any Citi reps whenever I call.
I'm also curious about getting the Professional Card with ThankYou Network for the 10,000 points and then changing to the cash version, if possible.  I find it interesting that Citi told you it was possible, because the Citi rep I spoke to said I would have to apply for the card before she could tell me if that would be allowed. WTH?
I have also heard that the Citi Professional card comes with primary rental car insurance, but the Citi reps I have spoken to could not confirm that.  In fact, I had to explain to them myself the difference between primary and secondary coverage.  In the end, I was told that I could learn all the details of the rental car coverage once I receive my card.  Of course, that doesn't help when the details of the rental car coverage are one of the primary considerations for me when deciding whether I want the card in the first place.

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Re: Citi Professional Card - Protections & Conversion

The people on the application line are worthless. I called the Citi customer service number. When they asked for my account number I said "I just have a quick question... if I have a Citi Professional with ThankYou Points, can I convert it to a Citi Professional Cash?" The guy said that he thought it was possible.

Does anyone out there have one of these cards?
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Re: Citi Professional Card - Protections & Conversion

Ok, so I just got off the phone with a very helpful lady in Citi bank customer service. The number for professional card customer service is: 866.834.9486.

Apparently Citibank has two card types, personal and business. You can switch between any card of the same type. So you can switch between the ThankYou and Cash card. More importantly, Citibank is apparently starting to expand their business cards, both in terms of number of cards offered and the benefits offered. These Professional cards are the first "quasi-personal" business cards. She said that the "consumer rights" probably refers to the benefits offered. But, because of the expansion of benefits it looks like there is no real difference here. She confirmed that the Citi Professional has the following features:

Collision (Rental) Insurance
Common Carrier (Travel) Insurance
Extended Warranty
Emergency Roadside Assistance
Hearst Discount

She said the rental insurance was "primary" and gave me a number to call for more info (800.622.7747). Sounds like there is no reason not to apply...
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