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Citi Secured Card Graduating

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Citi Secured Card Graduating

I am 16 months into my credit rebuild and the first card I took out in the process was a Citi secured with a $200 limit. I received a letter in the mail a couple days ago letting me know that my security deposit was no longer necessary and at my maturity date of 5/5 it will be refunded to me. I am thrilled about this but I've been looking at for information on what happens next. I don't know if I can expect a credit line increase and I've also read about a some people doing a product change.
Since taking out the Citi card I have also added a Discover secured and a Capital One secured (had to clean up an old Capital One charge off) as well as a First Progress and Indigo card. I was hoping that once the Citi and Discover graduated to be able to close the FP and Indigo since both carry annual fees. In the past 16 months my credit score has gone up from the low 500s to 620 (EQ) and 615 (TU). According to Discover my FICO is now 610 also. I still have a charge off from Credit One that will be taken care of before my maturity date and some medical bills I'm taking care of (my credit wasn't the only thing I had to rebuild the past couple years). Things are definitely moving in the right direction and any experiences or advice on what to expect from Citi would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for the forums and great knowledge being shared.
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Re: Citi Secured Card Graduating

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