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Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

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Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

I just got a letter in the mail about a week ago from Citi that they are sending me a check for my secured card deposit since I have been such a great customer of theirs and all.

When I decided to start building credit I got 3 secured cards at the same time. The Citi, a Cap1, and the Disco, all minimum deposit. Both of the other 2 graduated on time and I got auto CLIs on them since and am still at $500 still in the Cap1 but 2,400 on the discover after a couple auto CLIs. The Citi secured card had a much longer graduation term length of 18 months iirc..

I also got an Amex BCE that started at 500 and went to 1,000 and now 3,000 all with auto CLIs.


Since my Citi graduated I thought I would get an auto CLI but it is still sitting at $200 for about a week now..

When the Citi graduated I did have quite high balances reporting on my other cards but I just paid all of them off so after my cards report my profile should look very nice and I expect my FICOs to be around 750. Citi bankcard 8 scores say I at like 701 with the high balances reported on the other cards.


When does Citi give CLIs after graduating? Should I expect one or anything at all from them?

They do say I'm preapproved for the 2X Cash card but I think I'd rather PC to that than app for it

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI? & Best Cash SUBs? Qs



Any experience with Citi secured cards graduating? 

Anyone get auto CLIs on their graduated citi secured? 

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI? & Best Cash SUBs? Qs

Still waiting on my graduation.  Hope to hear some data points from the forum...  Congrats on the journey.

@1CreditEd wrote:



Any experience with Citi secured cards graduating? 

Anyone get auto CLIs on their graduated citi secured? 


Sitting tight, product changing, and pumping CLIs till October 2020 when I start Chase Apps
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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI? & Best Cash SUBs? Qs

No news on my end..

Over a month later and still no check, no card, no CLI.. 

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

If they dont raise your CL, you should be able to request a SP CLI. I would wait until your utilization is low before you request one.

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

Long story about this account now..


A couple of weeks ago I got on the chat trying to ask them about their auto-CLI policies. They really avoided my questions about if/when they give CLIs and just kept pushing me to apply for an auto CLI. Like the chat guy really wanted me to just apply for a CLI, but my report wasn't in the greatest shape, wasn't azeo, so I didn't want to formally ask for one and I did not do it.. 


So, my report is nice now so I applied for a CLI... DENIED! I have a 771 FICO now so I'm like WTcrap and get on chat..

I ask them "Is my account still showing as secured?" and they said yes my account is still showing as secured and that is why I was denied the CLI.

Then I say that I got a letter in the mail over a month ago that my account graduated and the last time I was on the chat told me to apply for a CLI.


Basically they screwed me into applying for a CLI to get an instant denial, and I guess my account is still secured even though I got the letter, and chat doen't know what the heck they are talking about, don't believe what they say.. 


Well on closing the conversation I said I just wanted to be able to use my account more, and the chat dude said he "was sure that you will be able to soon", and that "We are honored to have a customer like you".


My fico 8 went from 585 (545 when the 3 secured cards hit) to 771 while I've had this card, my citi bankcard score is 799!.. No baddies, perfect payments.. 

Denied me a cli, from my $200 limit, with a 799 score from them!!! So it must be because it is still secured and NOT graduated despite the first chat rep and the letter saying so.


They are probably just full of hot air. I'm conviced now that what they have to say in citi chat is possibly meaningless..


But.. They told me that my 18 month account maturation date is 4/12/2019 so I guess their are no excuses for it not to be graduated yet here in 2 days.


I also asked, since I apped for a CLI and was denied, if I had to wait a specific period of time to apply for a cli again, and they said they recommend for me to apply for a CLI again on 4/15, but I don't believe them..


If you get a citi secured graduation letter early, it probably is a lie, and don't believe the chat people.. 


I don't like to have not so good things to say about Citi but come on.. 


I hope I didn't screw myself asking for a CLI..

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

Yeah, I'm not a fan of Citi after having them before my rebuild. I hope it didn't cost you a HP

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

No HP.. 

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

I would wait until you have the check on hand and deposited.  Then, continue to use your account as normal, give it 30-60 days and then review the CLI link on your account.  You definitely want to see the following [SP] verbiage if you want to avoid a HP.


Citi SP CLI Input.jpg

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Re: Citi Secured Graduation CLI?

Good call FinStar 


Last night I got this..


Card Image
Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card XXXX

You have $200.00 of available credit.

Your Available Offer

Promo APR 
until 3/1/2021
After that 
Variable APR 
on Balance Transfers including 
direct deposits


Your fee for this offer is 0% ($0)

Otherwise your standard balance transfer fee is 3% (min $5)



My card turned black, cool, but really a 10.99% BT offer on a $200 CL?

Must be a joke.. 

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