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Citi bt offer

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Re: Citi bt offer

Gotta be careful which BT offer you use. You can't avoid interest charges on purchases with CITI unless you pay your entire balance, which includes the BT. With Barclay, you can avoid interest by paying an amount that's equal to your minimum payment plus any new purchases. Feels like some of the BT offers are just a trap that offers 0% on the transfer, but charges interest if you continue to use the card. I guess you can pay your balance off, then get the BT, then stop using the card until you pay off the BT. 

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Re: Citi bt offer

Thanks CrrreditSmiley Happy. Its ok im at zero balance on my Dc and am trying to keep it that way!. I think its probably best to not complicate things if use a card for bt, just leave it tils its paid and use other cards for other purchases. Like how im doing on my Boa cardSmiley Happy
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