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Citi card PC success w/ late payments

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Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Hello! This is my first post here after lurking for half a year! I'm currently in a rebuilding phase with fair credit, 670's range. I wanted to share my success converting a Citi Preferred Thank You card to a Double Cash back card.

I have a 60 day late payment from August of last year with Citi that has been holding me back credit wise but I called today to ask for a conversion because I really wanted the Double Cash back card. I always use my QS1 card over my Preferred thank you card for the cash back reward.

The rep initially told me that I wasn't eligible because I still had a penalty APR of 29.99% because of the late payment from last year. I asked was there anything she can do, so she put me on hold. After returning, she said there was nothing she can do. Next sentence she mentioned my 8 year history with Citi and hope that in time they can do it. I quickly threw in that I wish I could use my Citi card more since I use my Capital One card a lot because of better rewards but I want to stay loyal to Citi. She put me on hold again, escalated my call to a senior rep who was able to remove the penalty APR and do a card conversion!

Hopefully this helps someone was is in a similar situation as me.
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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Sweet..... congratulations! Well played..... bravo!!

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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Good for you, OP. Nice strategy.
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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Congratulations on your PC!

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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Congrats !!!




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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

That is one way to sweat talk a CS. You got an APR reduction and an authorization to product change, nice. Now normally a product change would be allowed anyway but I guess the penalty APR is the thing that makes a mess for the computer and that was why it balked at first. Be aware that any rewards you had stored are forfeit in a PC unless there is a compatible reward structure(there isn't) on the new card and it is allowed to carry over.

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Re: Citi card PC success w/ late payments

Yep you are right, I've carried that penalty APR for over a year, I don't really know Citi rules for how long you will have a penalty APR. About the rewards, Citi give you 60 days to redeem the points on the Preferred Thank You card before they expire. I got myself a Target gift card since I had no use for the other rewards, although the closest Target is 28 miles away...
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