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Citi card

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Citi card

I have a citi card that they unsecured at the beginning of the 2018. I put 200 down and they unsecured it with that amount. I tried to product change and ask for a cli and the denied both. Say I owe another creditor and that you can’t product change a card with a limit less than 300. Lol should I close this card? Anyone heard of this before?

I have no open collections and I do have 2 charge off but I’m not touching them bc the sol to sue has passed and they will fall off my report soon.

Score 679.

Is it worth it to keep the citi card?

I have chase, amex, discover, navy, sync, capital one etc all with good limits I have had this card for 3 years. Never late and never carry a balance but can’t get an increase. Are citi cards hard to grow?
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Re: Citi card

What was the reason they denied the cli? I wouldn't be so quick to cancel it seeing that you're only 100 away from the acceptable pc limit. Work on the reason the cli was denied and then try again. Also have you checked if you pre qualify for another citi card?

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Re: Citi card

I agree. If it was me I would call them and offer them 100 bucks to PC to the card I want. Granted that you are allowed to do that after denial. I did this with my first discover account. I've found these companies like when you are willing to pay up. IDK shows determination in their eyes I guess. Also less risk if you prepaid a CL. Then again, mine was secured at this point. Also a diff company!

AMEX GOLD: NO SET LIMIT (12/18), AMEX BCE: 3000 (10/18), CAPITAL ONE QS: 1350 (02/17), CITI AADVANTAGE PLATINUM WEMC: 13,700 (12/18), DISCOVER IT CB: 2500 (11/18), DISCOVER IT CHROME: 3500 (03/16), WELLS FARGO PLATINUM: 1300 (02/16), VENTURE: 5000 (01/19) CITI PRESTIGE 13000 (05/19) AMEX HILTON SURPASS 5600 (03/19).

One 6 year 11 month old medical charge off on TU and EQ. Not reporting to EX.
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