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Citi closed all my credit cards :(((

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Re: Citi closed all my credit cards :(((

@Blackswizz750 wrote:
I wonder will lenders go back to just plain vanilla cards with no rewards or benefits. I wonder are they shoring up to see their credit positions.

Nah. Not gonna happen. They would just end up competing for the subprime business because prime customers would get one or two cards and be done. If rewards went away, I would drop my bank cards and just use my CU cards. 


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Re: Citi closed all my credit cards :(((

I feel you on that. My CU accounts are my largest CL. Not sure how long the rewards party will last. I did not see many reward cards back in early 2000-2008. But, I wasnt aware of this forum either.
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Re: Citi closed all my credit cards :(((

As this thread has run its course and the OP's topic has been well-covered, it is now locked and closed to new messages.



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