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Citi platinum approved CLI

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Citi platinum approved CLI

After 8 months finally got approved for cli of 4k. I now have 5 k limit. It took a hard inquiry, was not automatically approved. CR told me it will take 30 minutes to review my credit then they will call me back. After 30 minutes I got a machine letting me know I was approved..awesome.
Starting Score: 638 fico eq 7/11
Current Score: 648 fico eq 8/12, 686 fico tu 8/12. 1/13 TU 661
2013 Score: EX 654, EQ 610, TU 625
Goal Score: 740 1/14
In my Wallet: Discover more 4k,Citi plat 5k,Citi simplicity 3k,Citi diamond 1k,Cap1 cash 750/2500,Cap1 plat 750/2500,Kanes Furn, Walmart 900/2200, Macys 600.
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Re: Citi platinum approved CLI

Awesome CLI! Did you ask for that much? How much had you been using the card / payment history?

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Re: Citi platinum approved CLI

Just tried for a CLI through the online LUV button last week, waited the six months, $0 balance, but was turned down. Current CL is $5,400, member for a little over a year. Came across an offer for the Thank You Premier so I apped for that and got $8,000 instant approval. All in all, Citi is still cool in my book. Smiley Happy

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Goal Score: 800+

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Re: Citi platinum approved CLI

Congrats on your approval my friend!  I know how waiting it out can be so gratifying when it's a posative outcome!!

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Current Score: EQ FICO 803
Goal Score: EQ FICO 810

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