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Citi pre-qualified offers

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Citi pre-qualified offers

So I got a pre-selected mailer yesterday from Citi and decided to checkout the pre-qualify tool online. I ran it twice, first I was pre-qualified for the Citi Simplicity and then under it says "You may also be interested in these 3 cards" (all have a solid APR). The second time I did it I was pre-qualified for the Rewards+ and then under that it showed the Premier, Double Cash, and Simplicity. All show a single APR. My question is, how solid are these offers? And should I only focus on the 2 that actually say I am pre-qualified for? I am primarily interested in the Rewards+ and Double Cash. Any thoughts on which is better?

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Re: Citi pre-qualified offers

If you can meet the minimum spend requirement, maybe get a nice bonus with Premier then PC to Double Cash after a year.


I used to have Prestige, but under the current program I can't do much with TY points.


*Not sure how solid the offers are.

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Re: Citi pre-qualified offers

Usually pretty solid. If you’re prequalified for the Rewards+, then the DC should also be available to you. Compare the rewards and pick what works better for you. Personally, I love the simple 2% back of the DC. I prefer cash back over points. But that Rewards card could be potentially useful for small transactions lol. Spend 10 cents and get 10 points? Sure!
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Re: Citi pre-qualified offers

I have Citi Costco card for more then 18 months

Never had any offers for me

What I am doing wrong?

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