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Citi simplicity pending transactions

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Citi simplicity pending transactions

My credit limit is 7k. I have 3100 available for purchases but my account balance is only 2000?! I'm on my honeymoon and car rentals and hotels and stuff the put holds on the card then run the charges at a later date. I know I spent more then 2k as my account balance shows today. Should I rely more on available credit to determine my account balance more accurately? I know when the put holds on the will deduct automatically from available credit but not necessarily run them as charges until a later date??
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Re: Citi simplicity pending transactions

Watch your availible limit, when it hits zero charges are likely to be declined. If you are going to exceed your availble credit limit make a payment online or give them a call and make a payment. Pending charges can hang around for 7 days. And some companies will actually charge you again instead of modifying the existing pending charge so your $500 car rental can use upto a $1000 of your availible limit or more when you pay the rental and the hold is still pending on your card. 



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