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CitiBank Credit Card Reconsideration

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CitiBank Credit Card Reconsideration

I just recently got denied for an AT&T savings & rewards card from them, but for the past few months I get invitations from them to apply for cards such as the ThankYou Card, Citi Simplicity, and the Diamond Preferred. Just today I got an invitation for the Diamond Preferred, and yesterday I got an invitation for the Simplicity. But these aren't the only ones. Anyways, the denial reasons are as follows:


Too many inquiries

Outstanding loan balances

Short Credit history.



Here's my credit profile that they pulled sumed up


14 inquries (including from Citi) / 7 of these inquries were auto loan related because I was in the market to buying a car early 2012

3 of these inquiries were for credit cards (not including Citi). All approved. Last one applied and opened in 6/26/2012. Oldest account opened in 12/2009.

2 auto loans currently opened totalling $30,000. One of these loans I am a co-signer. First loan opened in 2/2012, last one in 5/2012. All of these accounts are current and paying as agreed. No baddies. Low balances on credit cards 4-6% utlization. Income of $72,000. Total limits in credit cards $12,500. One for $4,500 / $5,000 / $1,500 / and $1,500. 


I providing this to ask your opinion if these profile can be approved under reconsideration. I tried calling the numbers, but man they will not budge. Its as if they have no overriding power and only go by what's on the computer. What can I do? Has anyone had any luck with these people?

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